Got a war on my mind...

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Daehan & Minguk hugging each other ♥


Moi meme: 2/5 actors

Ryan Gosling:There’s this Ryan Gosling quote that I steal all the time — I watched an interview with him in Cannes — and he said picking roles is like listening to songs on the radio: There can be a lot of really great songs in a row, but then one comes on that just makes you want to dance.” - Emma Stone

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"Je suis prest. I am ready. But ready for what?"


Jamie & Claire - 1x01 Sassenach 

Thank you, Sassenach. Truly.

when confronted with the i m p o s s i b l e , the  r a t i o n a l  mind

                       w i l l   g r o p e   f o r  t h e  l o g i c a l .

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"He really opens up to her in such an honest way, but it’s without any self-pity. These are things that attract her to him. Here’s a person who’s endured so much pain but doesn’t seem to have that bitterness or poison. His soul and spirit doesn’t seem to be poisoned, and I think that’s something that really intrigues her. It makes him a different type of person who’s not hardened by what’s happened to him. The fact that he opened to her has as much to do with her demeanor, too. She has the quality that makes him trust her right away. The fact that he does trust her and opens up to her, that deepens their bond.” — Caitriona Balfe